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We started Spa Place in 1993 with a passion to provide only the best hot tub experience for our customers. Over the last twenty-eight years, we’ve added swimming pools, saunas, and more to our line of products and services.

What our customers are saying

From: Chris F
Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 4:55 PM
Subject: Thank You…Excellent Service!
To: steven@

Thank You,Thank You…(big breath)…Thank You,thank you,thank you,thank you!

On Saturday (3/17) I ordered a dream maker motor/pump, hot stick (which included both gaskets…Thank the Lord,because the other ones were way past their prime and impossible to find in
Northeast Tennessee!), a light up rubber ducky for her and a shark for me!

I was expecting them sometime late in the week or early next week but what to my wandering eye should appear, but the UPS man rumbling up the driveway screaming, “Chris, you’re new hot tub pump is here!”

The hook up was easy, thanks to having the wiring harness already in place (Thank you), and the previously mentioned gaskets!

The fill up was easy thanks to the kids chipping in…they were just as excited as we were. Usually it takes a new video game or threats of no dinner before they “want” to help out,
but there’s something about a hot tub that naturally brings a family together! :)

After the fill up, I hit the switch and the sweet hum of that motor filled the air! No leaks, the jets are operating wonderfully, and it is HOT!

I hit the light switch on that rubber ducky and off he went! (I can’t wait until the shark gets here!I already warned the duck and NIKI (my better half) that the duck’s days are numbered!!!)

So, I would like to once again say, “Thank You!”

This is by far the best on-line purchase I have ever made!

Chris F

Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 19:18:15 -0400

Dear Steve,

As the proud owner of the D1 Aquafit19 swim spa, I cannot thank you enough for your expert installation as you had to hire a crane to put this pool over the top of our house.  Now I have had the chance to finally use it.  What an awesome pool.  As you know this is my second Aquafit.  I had to leave my other one in Colorado.  As you also know, I have had other kinds of resistance pools because I am a physical therapist with a specialty in Aquatic and Manual Therapies.  I personally wouldn’t have any other type of resistance pool.  The versatility, ease of use, the power of the jets, as well as the exercise combinations make this pool the ideal family and exercise tool.   The great advantage in having all of the filtering and plumbing in one unit is a wonderful advantage.

Please feel free to refer any of your prospective owners to me to try out this pool.  I love it and love to show it off.

Thank you so much,  Susan Grimshaw, MS, PT

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