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For a Healthy, Fit Lifestyle…

The benefits of heat bathing become tangible once you’ve experienced an authentic Finnleo traditional sauna or far-Infrared sauna room. Muscles relax. Aches fade away. Heart and circulation improve. Calories are burned. Skin is renewed. Tension and discord slip into harmony. Body and soul are refreshed.

There is no better way to deal with mental strain and fatigue or to reduce stress and relax muscles than in a Finnleo sauna. No one knows for certain if it’s the physiological changes that occur in the warmth of these wonderful amenities or if it’s simply the time spent in the calm, still retreat that should be accredited for the therapeutic effect. But all who sauna bathe agree – it feels wonderful.

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Spa Place provides everything needed for the ultimate home sauna, infrared sauna or steam room experience. Create your own personal retreat.

The Scandinavians have known the benefits and pleasures of sauna bathing for 2,000 years. Their reason for enjoying the sauna was probably to soothe the aching muscles of a long and laborious day at work. Or perhaps it was to revive and protect their skin from the harsh, outdoor elements.

In today’s fast-paced world, we need a break from all the tension and stress of everyday life. We are always looking for ways to improve our fitness. The health benefits of sauna bathing are endless: stress reduction, sweating, burning calories, cardiovascular workout, and producing natural chemicals.

Visit our showroom in Nixa, MO. Come see Finnleo Saunas.

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