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BioGuard – Troubleshooting

Not everything always goes as planned; sometimes your pool has problems. A Spa Place dealer who has gone through our exclusive H2Know certification is able to correctly diagnose just about any pool condition. Below are some common problems even experienced pool owners can have along with our recommended solutions. Your best solution is to bring a water sample to your local Spa Place dealer for an expert ALEX water analysis.

Black Algae

Black patches appearing in cracks, crevices and surfaces

Green Algae

Green-colored water or floating plant-like growth

Mustard Algae

Yellow, dirt or sand-like growth on pool walls and bottom

Cloudy Water

Hazy or murky conditions that reduce visibility

Evaporation/Heat Loss

Excessive loss of water or sudden drop in heat levels

Excessive Chlorine Loss

An inability to maintain the proper chlorine residual


Excessive foam appearing around water features


Chalk-like substance on pool surfaces and equipment


Dark black, brown or purple stains on sides and bottom

Eye/Skin Irritation

Burning sensation that occurs during or after swimming

Waterline Buildup

Slimy or rough buildups near waterline of pool edges

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