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Dimension One Swim Spas

Dimension One Swim Spas

We think living well is often about living large. That’s why we’ve developed the Aquatic Fitness System — where you can go from out-of-shape to in-shape, and actually enjoy getting there.
Maybe, to you, a healthy lifestyle means starting each morning with a refreshing swim. Or you might want to work up a serious aerobic sweat in order to take the stress out of your hectic day. Either way, you feel amazing after a workout. Vibrant. Reinvigorated. Alive.

The Aquatic Fitness System becomes the center of all healthy activities that your family takes part in. Turning what used to be regular exercise into a fun day of aquacize. Low-impact water aerobics, rowing, swimming, pool games — you’ll discover year-round fitness enjoyment right in your own backyard. And the warm, swirling jet action renews tired muscles after each activity.

Low impact exercises tone and shape while the body is suspended in buoyant security. Advanced aquatic engineering pampers and soothes. The AFS combines the benefits of an exercise room with rejuvenating home hydrotherapy. A workout for the body. A retreat for the soul.

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